When to use your car insurance?

When acquiring a car, most people seek to protect their assets and access different assistance. Among the most common are legal, medical and roadside assistance, however, few know of its scope. It is also important to know that there are variants in the type of coverage if your car is not only for private use. From this, it could be defined, with which insurer can you take out your insurance based on the use that you will give to your car?

Private car

If your car is for private use, when you take out insurance you can access different services that could help you. This without having to be involved in any accident. Remember that, depending on the contracted policy and company, the services may vary.

As we have reviewed in our blog, the three basic policies are those of Civil, Limited and Wide Liability. Which for practicality we will not delve into this article. But we will leave you the links for your inquiry.

Taking into account the above, we present some of the uses that the owner of a private car can make of his insurance:

Crane Shipping

Even if it is not the result of a collision, the insurer will cover the costs of dragging the damaged or broken vehicle to a nearby workshop. As options, you can take it to a workshop that already has an agreement with the insurer. But if the customer prefers, you can also drag it to your preference. It is important that you read the general conditions of your insurance, since this service could have a maximum distance range.

Current pass

As we have mentioned in other articles, there is no worse feeling as a driver than running and the car does not start. If you already verified that the fault is that your battery was discharged, all is not lost. Among the benefits you have, the power pass may be contracted. In that case, the insurer may send an assistance vehicle so that you can recharge your battery. Keep in mind that if the fault persists, it is best to take your car with the specialized technician.

Tire change

It is not a sin not to know how to change the tire of a car. Although the recommendation is to have some type of training for these types of situations. In case you need help, the insured may request support to change the flat tire. Just remember that for this you must have the spare tire of the vehicle.

Gasoline delivery

If you stayed halfway because your car’s fuel ran out, your insurer could assist you if you run out of gas. Depending on the policy contracted, you may have the option of assistance vehicle support with approximately 5 liters of gasoline. However, you should keep in mind that the cost of gasoline will be borne by the insured. Also, remember, you will only be provided with enough gas for the vehicle to start and move to the nearest gas station.

Commercial use car

To make it more explicit, commercial car policies are different from those for private use in terms of coverage. On the one hand, this type of insurance has a triple use. Protect the unit against almost any accident. They also safeguard the integrity of the driver and passengers. In addition, under certain specifications, the cargo or merchandise that is moved.

To make it more graphic, we return to some concepts applicable to this type of insurance. While some are similar to private cars, such as coverage in Civil Liability, there are other differences.

Material Damage

In general terms they cover the damages caused to the vehicle, coming from some accident. Also included are those caused by natural phenomena. In addition, the coverage extends to blows or any physical consequence in the car due to acts of people taking part in strikes and disturbances during transportation.

Unlike private cars, when using commercial auto insurance, it is very likely that some insurers will cover the payment, replacement, glass placement and contemplate damage to adaptations, conversions and special equipment installed in the insured vehicle.

Total and Partial Theft

Compensation for the theft of the unit is covered. The variable that makes the difference to that of a private car is, according to the company, the payment per day. This is a daily amount explicitly established in the policy, which will be paid for each of the days that pass until the date on which the insured car is fully compensated.

Legal protection

Similar to the use of a private car, the insurer will manage the legal procedures from an accident. From the disclaimer, to manage the driver’s freedom and rescue the car. Even if he deserves it, he will give advice from a lawyer specialized in the field in case of a civil trial.

Medical expenses

As in the case of individuals, medical expenses cover the occupants of the vehicle such as those generated by hospitalization, ambulance service, medical care, medications and funeral expenses.

Road and Travel Assistance

In addition to the towing service you could access. If the vehicle suffers a breakdown on a long trip, the insurance company could offer the occupants transfer to the planned destination. Even, the lease of a car to continue the trip. This coverage also includes accommodation for passengers and driver in case the vehicle needs to be repaired.


Updated: November 24, 2019 — 1:21 pm

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