How to use my insurance policy?

Having auto insurance is one of the most important points to consider when purchasing a vehicle. Currently in the Federal District, it is a mandatory requirement of equal importance as having a license and a circulation card to drive.

The range of insurers that have auto insurance is immense, there are for all budgets and needs, they offer from a basic coverage, to a total coverage, even some insurers include in their service, own damages to the car, total theft of the vehicle , attention to passengers, medical expenses, expenses of damages to third parties and public roads, among others.


Your insurance policy must integrate all of the following documents:


– Policy cover: Your data and your car information, the validity, the risks covered, the amount and frequency of the premiums to be paid and the deductibles are specified

– General conditions of the policy: Contains the clauses that explain the risks covered, exclusions, definitions, operational and legal aspects of the contract

– Receipt of the first payment and deadlines to pay it

– Directory of information on service offices and adjusters within the country

– Phones to request care and services from the insurer

– Insured identification card


Before signing your policy, it is very important that you check that the data is correct, we also recommend that you take a photocopy so that the original can be stored in your home or office and the copy you bring in the car.


The best known types of coverage offered by insurers are broad, limited and civil liability. There are other coverages such as Roadside Assistance and reinstatement of insured amount.

What to do in case of an accident

Have at hand the policy number and / or the insured card

– If the own damages turn out to be slight, the third party does not claim any payment and you consider that the repair may be less than the deductible, resume your way

– If the damage is serious, do not move your car until the adjuster arrives. Remember that if cars are obstructing traffic, traffic agents are likely to intervene and ask for your data

– If your car suffered an accident while parked or the car that hit you fled the place and your car can walk, move it and report the accident to your insurer

– In case you have not been injured, do not allow the intervention of the police or any other third party, until your adjuster arrives

– If you need to go to any delegation, do it in the company of your adjuster

What to do in case of theft

Have at hand the policy number and / or the insured card

– Report the theft to the insurer

– Go immediately to the delegation to get the minutes. You must prove ownership of your car with the circulation card or its invoice

What to do in case of damaging third parties in their material assets

Have at hand the policy number and / or the insured card to report the incident

– Try not to move the car from the place where the accident occurred

– Avoid negotiating with third parties or going to another place while your adjuster arrives

Updated: November 24, 2019 — 1:20 pm

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