10 Reasons to buy an electric or hybrid car

  1. Does not emit polluting gases

According to the UN, air pollution causes 7 million deaths annually worldwide. Even their effects cost governments, together, more than $ 5 billion worldwide.


Given the catastrophic situation, electric cars have been placed as a viable alternative to reduce this phenomenon. Specifically, electric cars emit absolutely no emission of pollutant gases during operation. Therefore,

using an electric car helps mitigate the effects of climate change.


  1. Less mechanical breakdown

Taking into account the list of best-selling cars published in ARCA. If you had a Nissan Versa car and the gasoline pump failed, the cost of the replacement is around $ 2,500 pesos. To the above, you must add the workforce, so the average cost would be $ 4 thousand pesos.


However, in an electric car you would avoid those inconvenient expenses. By dispensing with a traditional engine and a traditional gearshift, several of the daily decompositions would be things of the past. There are even very few elements in motion and exposed to wear in an electric car.


  1. Minimum maintenance

Because its engine is completely different from that of a gasoline engine, you will avoid living the costs of a tuning and / or service. In other words, changing filters, lubricants and various liquids is over.


While there are mechanisms that need revision and natural change, such as ballasts and tires, an electric car will not require much more. The maintenance of an electric car is limited to the review of the condition of batteries and electric motors on a scheduled basis.


  1. Fuel savings

Whether due to a crisis in the distribution of gasoline that causes shortages or the increase in the price of gasoline, this issue will no longer be part of your concerns. Even, taking into account one of the most popular and economical cars like the Chevrolet Aveo. With an average yield of 8.5 kilometers per liter, if on average you traveled 60 kilometers a day, you could spend up to $ 750 pesos on fuel per week.


  1. Reduce pollution

While there are zero emissions like electric cars, hybrid cars also contribute to the environment. This situation becomes an incentive to the current context. According to the World Health Organization, in addition to deaths caused, pollution is a major factor in the development of cardiovascular diseases, strokes and cancer.


Therefore, a hybrid car, when using an electric motor, emits a smaller number of polluting gases into the atmosphere, helping to minimize the greenhouse effect.


  1. Fuel savings

Based on our list of best-selling cars, we take as an example the Chevrolet Beat, which has a performance of 18 kilometers per liter. That is, if it were used for a journey of 60 kilometers per day, its fuel consumption would be around $ 350 pesos per week.


Taking into account the above, in a hybrid car there is a fuel savings of around 50%. The above depending on the way of handling each person, however, the savings could be up to $ 9 thousand pesos a year.


  1. Electric self-recharge

If global investment is involved, the hybrid car is an attractive option. In addition to saving on fuel, you could avoid paying to recharge your car, such as electric ones. That is, these types of vehicles, for the most part, do not need specialized cargo centers.


The hybrid car does not have to be connected anywhere, thanks to the internal combustion engine and the regenerative brake. An operation similar to that of Formula 1 cars, by taking advantage of the kinetic energy of the car when braking.


  1. Broad autonomy

If your idea is to go on a road trip, a hybrid car is a good option. Another difference compared to electric, is that the gasoline engine makes it able to travel hundreds of kilometers. The above without having to stop at a gas station quickly or to charge the battery of an electric vehicle.


  1. Efficiency and comfort

Because they are state-of-the-art cars, manufacturers have taken care to provide these hybrid cars with technology. That is to say, they are ecological vehicles with greater smoothness and easy to use. Its engine is more efficient and flexible than conventional, as well as faster response.


In addition, a factor that users have noticed is that hybrid cars have specialized materials that reduce the noise they produce. With this, not only combats air pollution, but also the auditory.



In Mexico, buying an electric or hybrid car is not economical. This is because they are cars whose minimum cost is $ 350 thousand pesos. However, there are incentives and financing plans to access them. Even more and more valuable government incentives attached to this type of units are becoming more valuable.


For example, avoiding payment of tenure and being exempt from the ordeal of lifetime verification would be a good reason to consider buying such a car.


However, before purchasing a unit with these characteristics, you should consider the expenses inherent to any car. Among them a car insurance, so we invite you to consult our comparator to give you an idea of ​​the cost of an upcoming vehicle

Updated: November 27, 2019 — 2:09 pm

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